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Seamstress for the Band

An update!

Here are our dates.

Move in is Tuesday the 15th. We are only allowed into the auditorium Tuesday (all day) Thursday (all Day) and Friday (all day.)

We must be out by midnight every show night.

Show dates
Nov 18-19-20 at 8
Nov 20 at 2

OK so here is how we are doing.

so far we have $200.

we need

1400-for rights
640-for the museum
640-for the band
=3080 needed
=$2880 needed
(-400 for the deposit we get back after the show
=2480 but we can't really count that.)
We have 5 weeks and 2 days to get this money.
Which means we need to be making

Between Myself, Josh, Meg, Brandon, Miles, Patrick, Clint, and Kit we need to make $576 a week for five weeks.
We still have to sell advertising so that may help a bit.
So if we could each do SOMETHING to make about $72.50 a piece a week we would be fine. However I know that is completely unrealistic.

I have really slacked off on this, but seriously, I have taken most of the weight of this project on myself. And A lot of the stuff we have already (i.e. deal with the museum, free rehearsal space, some costumes, A LOT OF MY OWN MONEY) has gone into this, so here we are in the home stretch.

My Church (aka where the rehearsals are) has offered us a fund raiser in form of a dinner (a donation a plate plus a donation bucket at the end of each table.) Thats probably good for about $100, but wont take place until the two weeks before the show. So Saturday and Sunday we really need to work our butts off to make some good cash.

Also, our fund raiser at wal-mart will be good for at least $100, and Wal-mart will double whatever you make. So lets really start to put ourselves out there, this is far from impossible.

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